Photo: TT
Photo: TT

One-year-old can stay in Sweden - but her family will be deported

The Swedish Migration Board has given a permanent residence permit to a one-year-old girl but not to her parents or six-year-old brother, who are to be deported to Kirgizistan, Swedish Radio News reports. 

"I don't understand why the Migration Board only gives our daughter a residence permit," the girl's father,Agik Osmanov, said.

The girl was born in Sweden, but has no other relatives here apart from her parents and brother, who arrived five years ago and were informed last autumn that they had been refused asylum.

The Migration Board said that the family members have had their cases dealt with individually and that, apart from the young girl, they now have to return to their home country,Kirgizistan.

However, the decision has been appealed and the Migration Board says it will re-open the case to decide on the family's fate as a group.

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