Student driver. Photo: Claus Gertsen/TT.
Student driver. Photo: Claus Gertsen/TT.

More and more fail driving test

The Swedish Transport Administration has released figures saying that more and more people are failing their driving test.

Thomas Fahlander from the Swedish Transport Agency told Swedish Radio News that there has been a change in the public's attitude towards driver's licences in recent years. He said that it has become less embarrassing in recent years and people think it is cheaper to just take the test over again rather than invest in a more thorough driver's education upfront.

With more and more people sitting tess after test, the queues for taking a driving tests are getting longer. Now the Swedish Transport Agency wants to try to fix the problem. Among other proposals, they want to better inform driving instructors so that they take more responsibility for their students learning to drive more properly. They also want to make it impossible to retake a driving test the same day.

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