Photo: Armando Franca
File photo: Armando Franca

Restaurant sued for telling same-sex couple not to kiss

A Gothenburg restaurant is getting sued for sexual discrimination after a staff member told two women not to kiss each other.

The Equality Ombudsman believes there is good evidence to demonstrate in court that this was the case. According to the complaint filed with them, the women kissed twice before one of the restaurant's staff members told them to stop. "Seriously girls, then you'll have to take that home. We have a policy against things like that," the staff member is said to have explained.

"It shows that there's still a problem with same-sex couples showing their love openly," says Anna Rosenmuller Nordlander, who works at the Equality Ombudsman. "I'd hoped that these prejudices didn't exist anymore. In our judgement, a heterosexual couple would not have gotten the same reaction."

The restaurant does not believe this was a case of discrimination, claiming that other guests had complained about the way the couple was behaving. In a statement, the restaurant held that the couple was making significant body contact and that the fact that it was two women in question was unimportant.

The Equality Ombudsman plans to file its plaint with the Gothenburg district court within a couple of weeks, followed by a demand that the restaurant pay between SEK 15,000 and 20,000 in compensation.

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