Cecilia Wikström
Cecilia Wikström. Photo: The EU Parliament.

MEPs: EU asylum system is “a mess”

EU governments should reassess the Dublin Regulation as the system is not working, according to Cecilia Wikström of the Liberals.

"In truth, the Dublin Regulation is being sidelined today," Wikström, who is the lead EU Parliament negotiator on the Regulation, told Swedish Radio News. 

Under EU law, refugees have to seek asylum in the first European country they enter. This is known as the Dublin Regulation after the 1990 summit where the original system was adopted. It came into force seven years later.

However, leading EU politicians, including MEP Cecilia Wikström, now say the system is not working as refugees are not registered properly, with authorities failing to take their finger prints. In addition, a majority of those who arrive in Italy and other southern European countries are being allowed to travel north to Germany and Sweden, the MEPS point out.

The number of asylum seekers who are in the EU fingerprints database, Eurodac, is growing, according to Swedish Radio News. In 2013, around 50,000 asylum seekers arrived in Sweden. Just under 11,000 of them were so-called “Dublin cases”.

In 2014, the number of asylum seekers increased to over 80,000, yet the number of Dublin cases remained at 11,000.

“This shows that the system is not working and that it’s time to discuss other alternatives,” Wikström said.

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