Photo:Erland Vinberg/TT
Linne school. Photo:Erland Vinberg/TT

Teenage boy found guilty of school yard murder

A 17-year-old youth has been sentenced to three years in a secure youth detention centre after being found guilty of murdering another teenager with a broken beer bottle in a schoolyard in Malmö last summer.

The mother of the murdered teenager told tabloid Aftonbladet that the sentence was far too lenient.

"It should have been prison. A life is gone and we will never get him back," she said.

It was August 6 last year when the 17-year-old victim was stabbed in the throat at Linné school in Malmö. The broken beer bottle severed a major artery.

Chief District Court judge Lennart Strinäs said in a statement that if the 17-year-old accused was an adult when the crime was committed, he would have been sentenced to 18 years in prison. He argued that the boy must be treated differently because of his young age, being only 16-years-old when the murder was committed.

A 14-year-old boy who was also tried in court, was cleared of aiding in the murder. He is being looked after by social services and will receive care. It is extremely rare for a child to be tried for murder. In this case, according to the social services, the violence was so rough that the 14-year-old's guilt in the crime would be put on trial.

"It is very unusual to do this. During my 20 years as a prosecutor, I have not heard of it before, said Jenny Lindell, deputy chief prosecutor, in an earlier interview with Aftonbladet.

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