Ebba Busch Thor och Lars Adaktusson. Foto: Henrik Montgomery/TT
Ebba Busch Thor (left) and Lars Adaktusson (right). File photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

Uppsala Christian Dems nominate Ebba Busch Thor, Sigtuna chooses Adaktusson

On Saturday evening, the Uppsala branch of the Christian Democrats was unanimous in putting forward Ebba Busch Thor as their choice to take over from Göran Hägglund as the national party's next leader.

However, even though Ebba Busch Thor accepted the nomination, that does not necessarily mean that she will become a candidate, reports news agency TT. It is up to the 27-year-old deputy mayor of Uppsala, herself, if she wants to be considered to lead the party, and so far, she has not yet come forward with a decision.

Meanwhile the Christian Democrats in Sigtuna nominated the 59-year-old MEP Lars Adaktusson this weekend for the same position. As Busch Thor, Adaktusson did not say whether he would stand in the election either.

The national party, which is in the opposition, will determine who will take over as their leader in April. In the last national election, it just eeked out enough votes to keep it over the 4.0 percent threshhold needed to stay in Parliament, getting 4.57 percent of the vote. 

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