Zlatan and Zlatan. But which is the real one?. Photo: Beatrice Janzon/Sveriges Radio
Zlatan and Zlatan. But which is the real one?. Photo: Beatrice Janzon/Sveriges Radio

Zlatan immortalized in wax

"Maybe we'll change the Eiffel Tower for my statue"
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Swedish soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become the first Swede ever to be made into a waxwork at Paris' Grévin museum.

Zlatan, who currently plays for the Parisian side Paris St Germain was on hand to unveil the model Monday, and was in a good mood as he spoke to the press.

"I'm very happy to be among those players, those personalities in here. Not only sportsmen, but actors, politicians. So I'm very happy, very proud", he says.

Zlatan has proved a hit in France since he started playing there, and his likeness now stands in its Paris St Germain kit next to other world figures, like Barack Obama, Madonna, Albert Einstein and Marie Antoinette. But what is it like seeing yourself in wax?

"The first reaction is that you become a little bit surprised, but I was prepared. We've been working on this for a year," he adds.

A journalist at the press conference then asked what was next for the Swedish striker:

"I don't know," he joked, "maybe we'll change the Eiffel (Tower) for my statue. Is that too much to ask? No!"

Sweden's cultural attaché to France was also at the ceremony, and he says Zlatan can change the image that many Frenchmen have of Swedes.

Speaking to Swedish Radio News' correspondent in Paris, Mats Widbom says that Swedes aren't known for having a lot of attitude, and are generally thought of as being quite quiet. "Zlatan has different image", he adds, "one that the French like a lot".

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