Fresh water could be found here in a crisis situation. Photo: Marcus Eriksson/SR
Fresh water could be found here in a crisis situation. Photo: Marcus Eriksson/SR

Swedes would only manage 24 hrs in a crisis

24 hours, not more. That is how long Swedes would manage at home during a serious crisis, according to a new study ordered by the Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).

It was last summer's big fire in Västmanland that prompted the agency to order the study. And the findings are that most people would not last very long without vital services such as running water and electricity.

"I think we in Sweden feel very safe and have a lot of faith that the authorities will taking care of things. And perhaps a bit too much faith sometimes and not sufficient knowledge that we may have to take responsibility ourselves in the beginning," Anering told Swedish Radio News.

Possible items on a check list for emergency supplies in the home are: torch, batteries to a radio, water containers, candles, tins of food and a camping kitchen.

According to the study, at a serious crisis, we would not manage the most basic household needs for more than 24 hours. This must be improved, said Stefan Arnering, who thought three days is what we should aim for.

The civil contingencies agency will now launch information campaigns to try to improve the preparedness.

"If you have a bathtub, you could fill it, and that would help you manage for a while. And you may be able to buy water in the shops. But you don't know how long that would last. These days the shops don't have much in store. If there is a major power cut, you may not be able to take out money from the cash machine or use credit cards, so it may be good to keep some cash at home," Anering said.

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