Danmark, terror
Denmark in moruning. Photo: TT

Terror expert: "New strategy needed"

"It makes it extremely difficult for the police to keep track of them"
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Easy access to military weapons on the black market is a major issue that needs to be addressed to try and avert lone wolf terror attacks in the future, says a leading Swedish security expert. 

"I wasn't surprised, I have seen more and more of these attacks over the years, in Canada, in Toulouse and in Paris," says Hans Brun to Radio Sweden.

The terror researcher at the Sweden National Defence College, believes that closer cooperation between countries in Europe is needed to create a new stategy to counter the threat of Jihadism and individuals acting alone.

While he says it is extremely difficult for the police to keep track of lone wolfs, Hans Brun tells Radio Sweden that the major issue is the ease in which military weapons can be acquired on the black market.

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