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Swedish rapper Dani M has been accused of anti-Semitism in the past.

Rapper accused of spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories

A Facebook post by Swedish rapper Dani M, who is signed to a Universal Music sublabel, has led to accusations of anti-Semitism as the artist referred to the Copenhagen terrorist attacks as a “false flag”.

Daniel "Dani M" Monserrat is signed to the hip hop label Redline Recordings, a Universal Music sublabel. Dani M and other Redline Recordings artists have been accused of anti-Semitism in the past.

In his Facebook status update on Sunday, Dani M suggested that the Copenhagen attack, in which a film director was killed outside a cultural centre and a Jewish man was killed outside a synagogue, was in fact staged in order to “pull Europe into war, rob us of our rights and increase xenophobia. Especially the hatred between Jews and Muslims.”

The rapper continued: “Don’t be fooled into thinking that these things happen at random. They happen because they are allowed to happen and/or are sponsored by the same elite that will benefit from it.”

The comments caused upset on social media, where many accused the rapper of promulgating conspiracy theories.

“You heard the expression ‘false flag’ in the immediate aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks. The idea was that the attack was staged by Jews in order to increase sympathy for them,” Samuel Nudel, who is active in the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism’s youth network, told news agency TT.

“You have to remember that Dani M is huge among young people and he has a lot of impact,” Nudel said.

In a previous comment online, Dani M wrote that “the Rothschild family” controls the state of Israel, the global bank system and the media.

In an email to TT, Universal Music spokesman Christoffer Silverberg wrote that the record company cannot take responsibility for what Dani M writes on social media.

We feel that we neither can nor want to control what our artists think they believe or do not believe. The artist’s theories and expressions regarding what was published earlier today is something that Dani M must be held accountable for himself,” Silverberg wrote.

Other Redline Recordings artists accused of anti-Semitism include Labyrint rapper Jacques "Jacco" Mattars, who in August last year published an image of an Islamic State victim on Instagram and wrote: “Media are not here… Why? Because those who created Isis are the same people who run the media. Zionists in high positions?” The Instagram post was later deleted, according to newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Dani M has released one record and several of his songs have been played millions of times on Spotify. His videos have also attracted hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. In December, he took part in Swedish Radio’s Swedish Music Aid (Musikhjälpen).

“False flag” refers to covert operations designed to appear to be carried out by individuals or groups other than those who actually planned and executed them.

Dani M apparently did not respond to TT's requests for a comment.

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