Räkorna är återigen rödlistade. Foto: Madeleine Blidberg/SR
Photo: Madeleine Blidberg/SR

Popular shrimp still red-listed by WWF

The shrimp population on the Swedish west coast is slowly growing stronger, but the Swedish WWF branch is still red-listing the commonly fished shrimp in its annual fish guide for consumers, Swedish Radio reports.

According to the guide, the problems with overfishing and and the dumping of small shrimps back into the sea are still not under control and the measures that have been taken to increase the shrimp population have not given satisfactory results.

There will still be shrimp sold in the Swedish shops, however, as most of the shrimp sold here are Norwegian shrimp from the Barents Sea, which according to WWF are fished in a more sustainable manner.

New this year is that the annual guide is giving certified tropical shrimp the green light for the first time ever.


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