Foto: TT/Polisens förundersökning
A sign for the emergency service (left), and the shirt the boy was wearing when he made the call, covered in blood (right). Photo: TT/Polisens förundersökning

SOS Alarm regrets how it handled shooting victim

A head doctor and the patient safety unit at the emergency service, SOS Alarm, is investigating whether the way it handled the case of a shooting victim put him in further danger.

In October, a boy in Norrahammar had been shot in the head and stabbed several times, reports P4 Jönköping. 

"I'm going to bleed to death," the boy, 16, had said to the operator at SOS Alarm. His friend had just been shot to death. 

"How is it that you can manage to make the phone call if you've been shot?" said the operator and also asked why he was appealing for help. 

"The tone is too hard and there were questions that should not have been asked," said Anders Klarström, the head of press for SOS Alarm, adding that the service also should have offered advice. 

The boy survived, and two people from Malmö, both 17, are being prosecuted for murder and attempted murder.

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