Foto: Jim LopezTT
An IS flag in Iraq, Photo: Jim LopezTT

Police seize IS symbols

The Gothenburg Police have been told to confiscate symbols in support of the Islamic State jihadists, and to file complaints against those who wear them. The aim is to test in court whether showing such symbols can be regarded as hate speech.

Erik Nord, Police Chef for Greater Gothenburg, tells the newspaper GT “IS is an organization that under a religious pretense is carrying out outright terrorist activities that could be considered pure genocide.”

The police say they want to deal with the issue in the same way they deal with people wearing Nazi or extreme right wing symbols. GT says it has received reports that people have already been stopped twice with IS flags on their cars.

Meanwhile, Swedish Radio News reports Saturday that although it has been illegal to recruit people for terrorist activities in Sweden since 2010, so far no one has been taken to court for the crime. Agneta Hilding Qvarnström, Chief Prosecutor at the Public Prosecution Service’s National Security Unit, says the problem is not in the legislation, but that such crimes are difficult to investigate.

In 2013 more than 200 people were arrested in Europe on suspicion of religious terrorism offences, and some 60 went to trial, according to Europol.

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