More women sign up for competitive weightlifting

5:27 min

In recent years there has been a surge in interest from women who would devote themselves to competitive weightlifting.

Two recent news articles, one in news magazine Fokus and another in Dagens Nyheter's weekend magazine, spotlighted the trend in Sweden. Several gym managers confirmed the trend to Radio Sweden: Just in the last few years, more women were signing up to practice pressing heavy barbells over their heads.

There are two main areas for competitive weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting includes the better-known clean and jerk and the snatch. Power lifting includes squatting, benchpressing, and deadlifting. While the olympic disciplines require a techical, throwing motion, power lifting disciplines are more about building brute strength.

We spoke with a competitive power lifter, Frida Wik, who was on her way to the bench pressing world championships in Sundsvall. And we heard about the reasons for the new interest from David Parmacek, a gym manager in Stockholm. He guessed the cross fit craze had something to do with the growing interest.

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