Study: nearly half of Swedish journalists live in Stockholm

7:52 min

A new study by the Institute for media studies reveals that 45 percent of the journalists that it surveyed in Sweden, are clumped in the county of Stockholm, in fact, in one hip area of the nation's capital, Södermalm, more than one in every hundred residents are journalists, according to the study. 

Meanwhile, the survey, which consisted of the 13,000 journalists registered with the Swedish journalists' union, found that out of Sweden's 19 remote areas, there are only 56 journalists, and almost a dozen municipalities don't have any journalists living there at all.

Christian Christensen, a professor of journalism at Stockholm University, commented on the survey's results, telling Radio Sweden that they did not surprise him, and noting that it's quite common in most countries for journalists to be concentrated in large city centers, which house the media centers.

He said that the results of the survey should "raise questions about how representative journalism is of the entire country."

On the other hand, he noted, "Just because somebody lives somewhere, that doesn't say anything about their background or their experience."

"If they all live in one part of town, that's one thing, but if they all live in one part of town and they all come from one part of town, that's a different thing, and I think that's the bigger question," Christensen added.

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