Ludvika deals with Nazis

Ludvika municipality is to receive extra help from the national coordinator against extremism, Mona Sahlin (S), to combat the recruitment of young people to Nazi movements, and to prevent them from gainin traction in the municipality, reports Swedish Radio News.


“Municipalities should have a plan of action to approach this issue, and we’re happy to receive help with that work,” says Leif Pettersson (S), municipal commissioner in Ludvika.

In Ludvika and the surrounding villages, in Dalarna in Northern Sweden, is a place where many neo-nazis live, many belonging to the right-wing extremist organisation, Svenska motståndsrörelsen – the Swedish Resitance Movement (SMR).

Following the elections last fall, Pär Öberg from the Nazi movement SMR was elected to the municipal council via a Sweden Democrat mandate.

Sahlin visited the municipality on Thursday evening, speaking with locals about extremism. Ten persons clad in dark clothing showed up with Pär Öberg from the Nazi movement SMR, according to Commissioner Pettersson.

“It definitely had its impact on the meeting, their presence was felt. People didn’t really feel comfortable or safe,” says Pettersson.

Following the neo-Nazi having a seat on the municipal council, the municipality now want outside assistance and advice on how to handle this situation.

It has now been decided that the municipality will get extra support from the national coordinator against violent extremism through, among other ways, setting up educational courses to help stop the recruitment to right-wing organisations in the Ludvika area.

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