Justice Minister: exploitation of immigrant workers serious problem

Many immigrants who travel to Sweden for work are exploited by their employers, with lower wages, poor working conditions and long work days. Justice and Immigration Minister Morgan Johansson says this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

"We have a growing problem with people being abused by the Swedish labor market and many of them are immigrant workers and in especially vulnerable situations," Johansson said in newspaper Dagens Nyheter Wednesday. He said that there will be an investigation looking into the situation.

The investigation will map out the abuses and recommend measures that can help improve the position of the employees. Two proposals are a requirement for a binding contract and more stringent control over employers.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is positive to the investigation but they do not want to be required to have binding contracts with employees. Karin Ekengren, labor market expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, told Swedish Radio News that long wait times for work permits to Sweden make it difficult to sign binding contracts.

"It is difficult when employers do not know how long it will take before they get approved. You do not even know if the person will be able to work in Sweden," Ekengren said.

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