Greens call for education and the environment

On Thursday, the Green Party took center stage at the Almedalen political week in Gotland, with co-party leader Gustav Fridolin making the Greens’ speech from the park stage, where he took up education and the environment as his key issues, but also spoke about green policies and culture.

Fridolin, who is Sweden’s Minister of Education, criticized the fate of the school system under the previous center-right government, commenting “Schools must always come before tax reductions.”

He described the teaching profession as “one of our most important”, and praised the teachers, and school administrators who work so hard despite the problems.

The Green co-leader said the government is investing in higher teacher salaries, more specialist teachers, and better schools.

Perhaps responding to criticism that the Greens have had to compromise too many of their principles since they came into government, Fridolin said “there’s no time for tiny political conflicts” and “environmental destruction is not just the top of our list of our concerns, environmental problems fill the entire list.”

He went on to say that good environmental policies include good cultural policies, and spoke of Sweden’s billion kronor music export industry.  Fridolin commented that top music producer “Max Martin’s carbon emissions are zero” and called for “green liberalism’s triumph over consumerism”.

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