Left and Liberals finish official Almedalen week

1:52 min

The Almedalen political week in Gotland had its last official day yesterday and over the weekend both the Left Party and Liberal Party had their days.

On Saturday, the Left Party took center stage and party leader Jonas Sjöstedt proposed giving summer vacation assistance to help combat growing class differences. The proposal would allocate 250 million kronor for children whose families cannot afford summer activities.

Sjöstedt also reinforced the Left Party's position as an opposition to the ruling red-green government.

"The government is doing too little to strengthen workers' rights and create more secure jobs. The Left Party does not hesitate to criticise, for example, weapon exporting to dictators and plans to sell, instead of shut down, state-run Vattenfall's coal plants in Germany," Sjöstedt said in his speech Saturday.

Yesterday featured the Liberal Party, and Jan Björklund's speech focused on many different issues. Foremost, though, was the proposal to ease the housing shortage by cutting the so-called moving tax, which is a tax on the profits made from selling property.

Björklund also attacked what he called Sweden's curling society, meaning helping people too much and not allowing them to be independent.

"In the way we shape our society we sometimes risk turning it into a curling society, where adults don't just curl their children but society curls the adults. It may be well-intended but it ends up doing people a disservice," Björklund said in his speech Sunday.

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