Spices could be behind salmonella outbreak

A seasoning mix has been recalled from Swedish supermarkets as health authorities suspect it is linked to a salmonella outbreak affecting over 140 people, Swedish Radio News reports.

Last month, at least 80 people picked up the disease after eating at a restaurant on the Swedish island of Öland. Tests performed by local authorities have found the same bacteria that infected the customers in a spice mix called Allkrydda used at the restaurant.

A different brand of Allkrydda is thought to be behind previous cases in other regions.

"This is a major outbreak. We usually have outbreaks with 15-20 confirmed cases, but this time we have more than 140 cases reported," says Marika Hjkerqvist, epidemiologist at the Swedish Public Health Agency.

The brands mentioned so far are Iwi and Sevan.

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