Relaunch for Radio Sweden

Starting Monday, October 5, 2015, Radio Sweden has relaunched with a new focus on all things digital: web, mobile and social media. This means that the daily radio broadcasts have been discontinued, and instead, we'll be providing you with a better news service online, which you can access any time.

We'll still broadcast every week on Thursdays from 16:30 to17:00. This broadcast will air again on Mondays at the same time and can be downloaded as a podcast whenever you like. It will also be available through Swedish Radio's smartphone app.

With our digital relaunch, we look forward to keeping in touch with you via social media, where you can comment on our stories, share your views on interesting questions or let us know about something we may have missed.

Find us on,, @radiosweden, or on the P2 and P6 channels and on the Swedish Radio app!