Poseidon returns to Gothenburg harbor

4:57 min

The Swedish coast guard's ship Poseidon returned to Gothenburg Tuesday morning after participating in the EU border control and rescue mission Triton on the Mediterranean sea.

Anders Ygeman, the Minister for Home Affairs, was there to welcome the ship home and said that the coast guard had made a fantastic effort on the Mediterranean Sea.

Many of the refugees that the ship rescued were originally from Eritrea, Syria and Sudan.

Captain of the ship, Peo Allard, described to Radio Sweden what it was like to rescue people: "You see small children and babies crying and that's emotional, but then when they come onboard you see that they start smiling again and they're happy."

The rescue mission took place between June 1st and August 31st.

In all, the ship rescued 5,295 people during the three months it was patrolling the waters between Libya and Italy. It also ferried to Italy the bodies of 53 people who perished on a wooden boat.