Fall budget to target effects of climate change

Combating and adapting to climate change will have a special focus in the government's fall budget, newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports.

The government will keep a rebate program for people who buy so-called "super green cars" - vehicles that have carbon emissions below 50 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Buyers will receive a subsidy of SEK 40,000 from the state.

Overall, the government will invest SEK 380 million on electric vehicles and buses, according to Svenska Dagbladet, and offer a tax rebate of SEK 10,000 on electric vehicles used by companies in the fleets.

Environment Minister Åsa Romson said an extra SEK 160 million per year will be allocated starting in 2016 to help municipalities prepare for the effects of climate change, such as building dykes and drainage systems to handle heavy rains and floods.

The money will also go to studies that will, for example, map out landslide and flood risks in Sweden and help coordinate the regional work on climate change that is already in progress.