Government in talks with Bulgaria on welfare deal

The Minister for Children, Elderly and Gender Equality Åsa Regnér met with her Bulgarian counterpart on Wednesday to talk about how to fight poverty there, in the hope that that will mean fewer will be forced to beg abroad.

In a joint press statement, Regnér and the Bulgarian Social Affairs Minister Ivailo Kalfin said that officials from respective Ministries will start working on a common agreement "to establish a long term cooperation mechanism while at the same time achieving short term results in improving the lives of the most vulnerable ones".

Currently, some Bulgarian migrants come to Sweden homeless and eke out a living by begging on the streets.

Sweden has entered into a similar agreement with Romania, which aims to improve the living conditions of the Roma minority there.

Ahead of the meeting, Regnér told Swedish Radio News any agreement reached will be financed by funds from the EU.