Kurdish rep: Stop the war in Syria first to end refugee crisis

2:45 min

Sinem Mohammed, a representative from Kurdish regions within Syria, says the focus should be on ending the conflict and supporting locals, rather than on pushing for open borders in Europe.

Mohammed serves as the European representative for the autonomous Rojava Kurdish regions from northern and north-eastern Syria.

Mohammed says taking in refugees isn't a cure-all for the overall conflict.

"I don't think this will really solve the problem. The problem is inside," she tells Radio Sweden's Kurdish service. "We need a political solution to stop the war in Syria, and this is the responsibility of the whole international community, not just the people inside Syria".

Speaking in Stockholm, Mohammed says that if Europe wants to help refugees, it can start by sending aid to the many camps in the Rojava, the autonomous Kurdish regions that she represents.

"We have so many refugees inside Syria," says Mohammed.

Mohammed underscores that she's not ungrateful that countries are taking in those fleeing Syria, but adds that what is needed is help the safe zones carved out in the Kurdish enclaves by the Kurdish fighters.

"We have to support the people living now in the safer place," she says "I am thanking all the European people, but it is not the solution. We can't solve the problem in this way."