Swedish aid played key role in exposing corruption in Guatemala

3:10 min

Former Guatemalan president Otto Perez Molina is to face prosecution for his alleged role in a customs fraud scandal that Swedish aid helped expose.

The corruption has rocked the Latin American country for months and on Tuesday a federal judge announced that Otto Perez Molina will face prosecution.

Sweden has provided significant aid to the commission that played a key role in exposing the bribery scandal, known as "La Linea".

Swedish Radio's Latin America correspondent, Lotten Collin, told Radio Sweden: “Sweden has given aid to the UN-backed commission CICIG, which has been responsible for the whole investigation.”

In an interview with Collin, Iván Velásquez, head of CICIG, said that the investigation would not have been possible without the aid provided by Sweden and that Sweden has provided both financial and political support.