Anti-abortion midwife sues clinic

A midwife who does not want to carry out abortions due to her religious beliefs has sued the health authorities in Sörmland, after she was denied a job at the labour ward, news agency TT reports.

The woman had a contract with the clinic, but after she told them that she would not be able to carry out abortions due to her religious beliefs, she was not allowed to start the job.

The woman is Christian and believes that life starts at the point of conception, and that abortion would equal murder. According to her legal representative, she is demanding SEK 80,000 in damages from the health authority for violating her right to freedom of conscience and religion.

Solveig Lampe, HR director at Sörmland health authorities, told TT that the midwife was not offered a job as she was not able to carry out all the tasks that are part of the job.

"We will now await the legal process," said Lange.

This is the second time that a health authority in Sweden is sued by a midwife refusing to carry out abortions. A previous case, in Jönköping county, has not yet been settled.