Escalator accident in Stockholm metro

A woman was taken to hospital after the escalator she was standing on suddenly gave way at the Stockholm University underground station, the second such incident in seven months, tabloid Afonbladet reports.

One witness was on the same escalator and described what happened:

"I could feel the escalator vibrating, then it suddenly went down. It shook instead of going gently down as it usually does. I think her feet went in completely and she was stuck. There were a few of us who pulled her up and then we rang the ambulance immediately. She cried a lot and seemed to be in a lot of pain," the witness told Aftonbladet.

Stockholm Public Transport (SL) has now closed all the escalators at the Stockholm University station and said that it was taking the incident "extremely seriously".

In February this year, a 70-year-old woman was injured in a similar accident. Then, SL shutdown the escalators at 11 stations to carry out repairs.