Migration Agency: Suspect acted as normal before Ikea murders

The 36-year-old suspected of murdering a woman and her adult son at Ikea in Västerås showed no signs of mental disturbance shortly before the attacks, according to the Swedish Migration Agency.

The man, a rejected asylum seeker, had a scheduled meeting with the Swedish Migration Agency shortly before the fatal stabbings at Ikea.

"He left the premises showing no signs of aggression," Kiki Kjämpe of the Migration Agency in Västerås tells Swedish Radio's Västmanland station.

Kjämpe said that she did not want to go into what was discussed at the meeting, but she did state that the man was not informed that he had to leave Sweden.

The decision to reject the suspect's asylum application had been made earlier in the summer, on the grounds that he had already been registered in Italy, according to Kjämpe.

The man, who is suspected of and has admitted to the double murder at Ikea in Västerås, lived in asylum accommodation in Arboga.