Uppsala museum takes on art and nationalism

3:36 min

The curator of a new exhibition at the Uppsala Art Museum says artists play an important role in affecting how Sweden gets represented at home and abroad.

The topic of how artists have portrayed Sweden through history is the subject of the new exhibition, called Suecia Contemporare, as well as of a panel debate to be held at Uppsala Art Museum on Thursday evening.

Speaking to Radio Sweden ahead of the debate, curator Rebecka Vigh Abrahamsson said: “The most influential era was the era of nationalism in the late nineteenth century. Both Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson had this idea of promoting something Swedish.”

According to Vigh Abrahamsson, many contemporary artists want to discuss the fact that a large proportion of the Swedish population were born abroad and that desire is reflected in their work.

Thursday night’s panel includes visual artist Markode Linde, who made headlines worldwide in 2012 when he served up a controversial cake for an art museum party. The cake was shaped in the form of a naked black woman and invoked racial stereotypes.