Micael Bydén to head Sweden's Armed Forces

The government has appointed Major-General Micael Bydén as Supreme Commander of Sweden’s Armed Forces. 

Bydén, 51, has been head of the Swedish Air Force since 2012 but started his military career as a Gripen pilot. He has also served as a helicopter flotilla chief as well as an air attaché in Washington.

The former Supreme Commander, Sverker Göranson, also had a military background and his predecessor, Håkan Syrén, came from the navy.

Among politicians, Bydén is regarded as a competent, calm and confidence-inspiring person. 

The Armed Forces are about to obtain new Jas 39 Gripen fighter jets and Sweden hopes to export the jets to more countries. In this respect, Bydén's experience from the air force could also prove useful.