Wallström summons Russian ambassador

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has demanded a meeting with the Russian ambassador to Sweden after Russia suggested the Scandinavian nation would face serious consequences were it to join Nato.

At a Thursday press conference, the Russian foreign ministry said that a Swedish Nato membership would lead to "countermeasures" from Russia. It would have military and foreign policy consequences, according to the foreign ministry.

Maria Sacharova, a foreign ministry spokesperson, also reportedly said that a number of politicians and security experts regularly meet wth Swedish politicians in order to influence Swedish public opinion.

Sweden's minister for foreign affairs, Margot Wallström, reacted strongly to the statements and summoned the Russian ambassador to "ask some questions", saying the Russians "have some explaining to do".

Wallström said: "First of all, we are a sovereign state and we determine our own security policy... We do not believe anyone should threaten us."

Wallström said that the Russian statements would not affect Sweden's stance on Nato.