Migration Agency: Sweden not built to handle large influx of refugees

The head of the Migration Agency, Anders Danielsson, says that Sweden's building and procurement laws are hampering the agency's attempts to deal with the current influx of refugees.

In an interview with newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Danielsson suggests that the agency should be exempt from the public procurement laws in order to speed up the process to find accommodation for the new arrivals. He also wants the agency to be allowed to build prefabricated modular homes that could be moved from town to town, a proposal which is currently being reviewed by the Swedish Justice Ministry.

The Migration Agency estimates that 90,000 refugees will be coming to Sweden this year, and according to Danielsson to hardest part is finding a place for them to live. He says that the Agency could handle an influx of up to 4,000 refugees per week, but points out that over 10,000 new arrivals are currently waiting to be placed in one of Sweden's municipalities.

Danielsson, however, underlines that Sweden is not facing any kind of crisis because of the recent influx of refugees.

"Of course it's a serious situation. But it's a crisis for those who flee their homes to seek refuge in Europe, not for Sweden. In what way have things gotten worse for you or me?" Danielsson says in an interview with tabloid Aftonbladet.