Armed Forces introduce bonus to reduce drop-out rates

The Swedish Armed Forces will start handing out a bonus of between SEK 40,000 and 50,000 to all recruits who complete their basic military training, Swedish Radio News reports.

The Armed Forces will start handing out the bonus next year and Peter Tagesson, recruiting coordinator with the Armed Foces says it will serve as an incentive for new recruits to complete their training.

"I doubt that people will enlist just for the bonus, but I do believe that it could be a good incentive for those who only have a few months left. This is also a way for the state to show appreciation to those who decide to join the Armed Forces," Tagesson says.

It has been known for a while that the Armed Forces have had trouble with recruits dropping out of the basic military training program. Last year two out of 10 new recruits did not complete their basic training.

Military service has been voluntary since 2010 when the Armed Forces abolished conscription. The mandatory draft was then replaced by a voluntary 3 month training program, the GMU, which will be extended to between 9 and 12 months starting next year.