Gov't to fund free summer activities for kids

The government has decided to spend SEK 200 million each year so that municipalities can offer kids free activities during their summer break, Swedish Radio News reports.

The money will go to local councils so that they can offer kids between the ages of 6 and 15 activities such as holiday camps and trips to the seaside. The proposal was originally put forward by the Left Party but will be part of the government's upcoming fall budget.

"The way it would work is that the local council in a municipality where there's a lack of summer activities for kids would get money from the state to maybe organise a camp or to distribute the money to local youth or sports clubs," says Left Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt.

The current red-green government needs the support of its Left Party ally to get its budget passed.

The Left Party originally wanted to set aside SEK 250 million each year and finance the proposal by re-introducing a tax on wealth, but the government decided against this. The party also wanted most of the money to go to municipalities with many poor kids, but it's still unclear exactly how it will be distributed.