Police officer formally accused of misconduct after man dies

A police officer is suspected of misconduct and is now being prosecuted, after an incident last spring in which a man died.

The man had been arrested at Sergels Torg, in central Stockholm, in March, and was aggressive when he was released. The police decided to remove the man from the premises and drove him to the vicinity of the Woodland Cemetary (Skogskyrkogården), on the outskirts of the city.

The man was left there.

According to the prosecution, the police patrol passed the man four times while he lay lifeless on the ground, without checking on him.

"It's recorded where they say that he's playing dead, but how can you know without going out to look?" chief prosecutor Anders Jacobsson told Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm.

The man died at the scene, and according to the prosecution, it would have been possible to save his life if he had been taken to hospital.

The police officer denies having committed a crime.