Staropramen kegs pulled from bars, restaurants

The giant brewery company Carlsberg has recalled all Staropramen beer on tap from 680 Swedish bars and restaurants, after two people tasted the beer and their mouths started to bleed, reports Swedish Television News.

So far, two kegs have been found to contain a corrosive substance, but in all, more than 4,000 kegs are being pulled.

Thirty-liter kegs of the brand Staropramen, which were imported from a brewery in Prague, were somehow compromised by a corrosive cleaning supply, in strong concentration.

According to the company, the toxic beer does not look or smell like beer usually does. The two people who are to have tasted it, a restaurateur, and a Carlsberg employee, because it did not seem normal, immediately got blisters in their mouths that later began to bleed.

Henric Byström, head of information for Carlsberg, told Swedish Television that they are carefully examining the brewery in the Czech republic and the kegs that have been delivered to Sweden but that they have not found any more contaminated beer.