Man passed himself off as a nurse for years before being discovered

A man who passed himself off as an ambulance nurse in the employ of the northern county of Västernorrland for several years, has been found out and has been reported to the police, according to the Vårdfokus, the magazine of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals.

The man had falsified his qualifications, according to local media. It was first discovered last spring that something was amiss after the "ambulance nurse" didn't give a diabetes patient the care she needed.

She told Vårdfokus that she was lucky to have survived.

When she reported the incident to the Health and Social Care Inspectorate, it turned out that the ambulance nurse had never completed training as a nurse and had instead falsified his documents.

Lars Norberg, who is the county's coordinator for ambulances, told Sundsvalls Tidning that when they confronted the man, he quit of his own accord.

Norberg says that they have toughened up their procedures and that they will be checking employees' qualification papers more regularly.