EU Commission to Sweden: don't let competition rules get in the way of housing refugees

The EU Commission has notified the Swedish Competition Authority not to let public procurement regulations get in the way of opening housing for refugees, according to SVD.

In Sweden, there are about 2,000 newly procured places, intended for refugees, that are standing empty. The Migration Agency has decided which companies should run the facilities, but because other companies, who didn't win the contracts, have appealed the agency's decision, the refugee housing can't open before the disputes are investigated.

Dan Sjöblom, director general of the competition authority, says that the commission pointed out that there is some space to play with, within the directive, and that it should be used.

Sjöblom says that there could be a similar situation if an authority needs helicopters to fight a serious forest fire, for example. In that case, the authority would not have to go through the public procurement process, either.