5,200 apply for asylum in Sweden in one week

Over 1,800 people have applied for asylum in Malmö over the past week. 1,100 of them came during Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday evening, there were so many people coming that the Migration Agency had to close a reception centre for two hours.

"There were a lot of people coming at the same time, so for safety reasons we could not allow everybody into the premises at the same time. It only has capacity for a hundred people," said Matilda Niang, at the Migration Agency's press service, to explain the temporary closure.

Some of the people had come by the Migration Agency's own buses from Trelleborg harbour or Malmö central station, others had managed to get to the centre on their own accord, news agency TT reports.

According to TT, a total of 5,200 people have registered their asylum application in Sweden over the past week.