Asylum seekers stage protest over accomodation

1:24 min

A group of asylum seekers refused to get off a bus in Dalarna, central Sweden, Thursday, because they were unhappy at being housed in an area they felt was in "the middle of nowhere".

The group of around 25 asylum seekers arrived at the accomodation in Fredriksberg in the early hours and refused to get off the bus. They told reporters that they had received information that they were on their way to the larger town of Hedemora, but that did not happen. Mohammad Khaled was one of those who did not like the location. He told SVT News.

"When we came here, we found ourselves in this place, 30 minutes away from the nearest supermarket, and 45 minutes by car from a hospital, and no schools."

When told by the reporter that there was a school, Mr. Khaled said."They told us there is no school. But we just came here, we didn't find any nearby civilisation. We want to be at a place that is central. We have kids and our wives. We need a place to study, to have a good life. We came to Sweden, the land of freedom - We think they are lying to us."

He said that they would not be leaving the bus until they had talked face-to-face with someone from the Migration Agency. They were later met by a representative from the authority, and disembarked fom the bus.

"We have offered them shelter and they will get food until they get a daily allowance, so they can buy their own food. And we declared that the situation in Sweden right now is like this, that one cannot choose where to live, unless you have a relative or friend that one can live with," says Kristina Pamryd Karlsson, Deputy Head of the Migration Board in Hedemora, to Swdish Radio's local channel in Dalarna.