SD:s partiledare Jimmie Åkesson och den nya ordföranden för SDU, Jessica Ohlson. Foto: TT och Uppsala kommun. Montage: Sveriges Radio.
Photo: TT and the municipality of Uppsala.

SD to expel new youth wing leader from party

The Sweden Democrats have decided to expel the newly elected leader of their youth wing, Jessica Ohlson, from the party, tabloid Aftonbladet reports. The decision comes less than a week after the mother party announced it wants to cut its ties with the youth wing. 

Several members of the Sweden Democrats' party board told media ahead of the youth wing's leadership election that the organisations would have to go separate ways if Ohlson was made leader, claiming that she represents a more nationalistic ideology.

The youth wing has protested the decision, saying that Ohlson won the election fair and square and that it would be undemocratic to elect another leader. According to Aftonbladet, the youth wing has since tried to have several members of the party board replaced, including party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

The Sweden Democrats' press secretary Henrik Vinge tells the paper that Ohlson has been expelled because the party's by-laws prohibit anyone from being a member of another political organisation.

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