File photo: Toby Talbot / AP / TT
File photo: Toby Talbot / AP / TT

Hunters caught trying to smuggle a moose into Norway

Hunters were caught on Tuesday by a customs officer along a country road in Norway for trying to smuggle in a dead moose (European elk), Swedish Radio P4 Jämtland reported today.

Earlier that day, the hunters had shot the moose in the Swedish county of Jämtland but had not yet had the opportunity to skin it.

In order to avoid paying taxes on the moose, they decided to try to smuggle it over the border into Norway.

They drove in two vehicles, so that one of the drivers could go ahead to see if customs officers were making checks at the border.

The owner of the vehicle with the moose told the customs agent that the trailer was carrying a little industrial machine, but instead, the customs agent found a 360 kilogram moose.

Customs seized the moose and sent it to be destroyed. The hunters may have to pay fines.

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