Photo: Adam Ihse / TT
Refugees arriving in Gothenburg earlier this month. Photo: Adam Ihse / TT

Migration agency: record number of people coming to seek asylum

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, a record number of refugees have come to Sweden this past week - more than in any previous week, reports Swedish Television News.

Mikael Ribbenvik, Deputy Director-General of the agency and Director of Operations, told SVT that during recent weeks, about 3,000 people per week have been seeking asylum, but during the week of September 14th to 20th, that number had gone up to almost 7,000.

In terms of the number of people seeking asylum in Sweden, Ribbenvik says that the only comparable situation was in 1992, during the Balkan wars.

"But even that's less than what we're seeing now. We've never experienced this before," he says.

In 1992, 84,000 people sought refuge in Sweden. So far this year, 60,000 people have come hoping for a safer life here.

"Behind every number, there is a person - a face," said Ribbenvik.

One of the biggest challenges is to find places for all the new arrivals to live, and the Migration Agency has asked the county boards to take an inventory of how much temporary housing they can arrange.

"It'll be more crowded, but necessity knows no law," he says, ensuring that they won't put anyone on the street.

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