Passengers boarding a bus in Stockholm. File photo: Leif R Jansson / TT.
Passengers boarding a bus in Stockholm. File photo: Leif R Jansson / TT.

Survey: riders on public transport would pay extra for a seat

Travelers taking public transportation in Sweden would be willing to spend an extra SEK 30 or so for a guaranteed seat, a new survey concluded.

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute surveyed 2,000 passengers about their willingness to pay for a seat basis on different parameters like how long their journey was, the ticket price and level of congestion inside the bus or carriage.

The results suggest most people would spend SEK 30 to 37 per hour for a seat depending on how crowded the bus or train was. On a bus with no standing passengers, for example, the survey found most people valued a reserved seat at SEK 12 to 13.

The results also found that Swedish travelers would prefer to stand up on an empty bus rather than sit down on a crowded one.

But Swedish Radio's youth channel found that not everyone agrees with the overall conclusion.

"If I'm traveling a long ways I'd want to sit down but I would not want to pay extra. I just think that if you're going by bus you should be able to sit," Hailey McQueen told the channel.

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