Jonas Ekströmer/TT
The Sweden Democrat's economic/political spokesperson Oscar Sjöstedt (right) and education spokesperson Stefan Jakobsson present their shadow budget Thursday. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT.

Sweden Democrats present shadow budget and call for border controls

The third largest political party, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats presented their shadow budget Thursday which calls for reforms costing nearly SEK 60 billion with proposed cuts in the spending on migration and integration. The party also wants to stop refugees from entering Sweden via Denmark.

Speaking with Swedish Radio, Oscar Sjöstedt, the Sweden Democrat's economic and political spokesperson, said the police should stop people at the Öresund Bridge.

"You introduce border controls," he said. "And Sweden has an easier situation for doing so, considering where we are located geographically."

In its shadow budget, the party dismissed the government's plan to raise taxes on gasoline and nuclear power as well as measures which make it more expensive to hire people over 65.

The shadow budget features extra spending on schools, the judiciary, and defense. It realizes over SEK 30 billion in savings by reducing spending on migration and integration. And the plan would also give SEK 11 billion less than the government's budget in aid money over the next four years.

The interior minister, Anders Ygeman of the Social Democrats, said that the border proposal would be ineffective for keeping out immigrants.

"Sharper border controls, in the model that the Sweden Democrats have, would not reduce the flow of refugees by a single refugee, because you have a right to seek asylum at the border. It's pretend politics which wouldn't work in reality," said Ygeman to news agency TT.

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