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Demonstrators march for equality, justice, and peace in central Stockholm at the celebration of the International Women's Day, March 8, 1986. Photo: Lars Strömberg/SVD / TT.

Stockholm may get 'herstory' museum

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Last year the country's first history museum devoted to women opened in the northern city of Umeå, and now the Feminist Initiative political party is supporting a proposal for a women's history museum in Stockholm.

The Feminist Initiative party revived the proposal for a women's history museum in Stockholm, which was originally drafted by the Left Party in 2012. That proposal was not accepted by the city council. But the updated Feminist Initiative bill has a good chance of passing.

"We renewed and improved the proposal. I think that's why the administration is having another look at it. I believe it's a top issue. It's about time that someone worked on this," said Sofia Lundin Group, a Feminist Initiative member who sits on the city's culture committee.

Ann Charlotte Backlund, Director of the Stockholm City Museum and of the Medieval Museum, told Swedish Radio's culture department that a museum devoted to gender equality might merit a more dynamic approach as you might have with workshops, debates, and classes.

"A museum is traditionally seen as a place for collections and exhibitions," she said. "But perhaps instead it's a place for discussions we need to be having."

But Johan Nilsson of the opposition Moderates, who also sits on the city's culture committee, was not so welcoming of the proposal.

"There's only a certain amount of money available for cultural activities in Stockholm," said Nilsson. "If you want to create something new then you probably have to let go of something else. I'm not prepared to do that. Whether or not the red-green majority is prepared to do so remains to be seen, but if they agree to it, it's probably going to happen that way."

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