Biot near Cannes in southeastern France. Photo: Lionel Cironneau / AP.
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Biot near Cannes in southeastern France. Photo: Lionel Cironneau / AP.
Lionel Cironneau / AP
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At the campsite of Biot, near Cannes. Photo: Lionel Cironneau / AP.

Swedes describe Riviera rain as 'chaos' 'warzone' 'doomsday'

After a night of violent storms and flooding in the French Riviera, which emergency services said had left at least 19 people dead, several Swedes testified about the pandemonium they had witnessed during the night.

"It was chaos. There was thunder, it was raining, and water everywhere," said Amanda Louli to Swedish Radio news. "Most people staid inside, but some people were out both walking and in their cars. But the streets were full of water so even for the cars it was hard to move."

Swedish Radio reports that the cities of Cannes and Nice were most affected by the flooding. More than 500 rescue personnel were out Sunday morning and tens of thousands without electricity. Around 500 tourists, mainly Britons and Danes, were stranded at the airport as their flights were delayed or cancelled.

"It looked like a warzone," said Anna Olsson who had flown from Gothenburg Saturday night during the worst of the storm. Speaking with daily tabloid Expressen, she said that a helpful taxi driver was able to taker her from the airport to Antibes.

"He was a hero," said Olsson. "We didn't understand at first how serious it was, but we came through. Cannes looked like a warzone. Cars were washed up on the streets. It looked like a tidal wave had passed. Shop windows were smashed and the driver seemed a little shaken."

Swedish-Norwegian TV personality Kristin Kaspersen, who lives in Stockholm and works for television channel TV4, described the evening on her Instagram account, "restless hours tonight."

"Storms tonight in the Riviera," she wrote on a photo. "Over the picture of the ridge, seconds later, lightning lights up the sky. Floods and chaos."

Astrid Strokirk, a producer for daily tabloid Aftonbladet's TV show "Brottscentralen," described a night of pouring rain.

"It was like doomsday yesterday," she told Aftonbladet Sunday morning. "It was totally sick. I have never seen anything like it."

Video of the torrential flood water.

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