Cinnamon wrap or pizza to celebrate the bun's day?

Today is the 16th National Cinnamon Bun Day to purchase, bake, and eat what is generally considered Sweden's favorite coffee-break pastry.

The cinnamon bun became common in Swedish homes in the early 1950s. In recent years the pastry has faced competition from imports like the American cupcake and the French macaron. But Birgitte Nilsson Bergström from the Hembakningsrådet (the Council for Home Baking) says the cinnamon bun "stands strong."

"The cinnamon bun stands for care and the home," said Nilsson Bergström to news agency TT.

And the baker suggested a way that observers might try something new with their home-baked homages.

"A cinnamon wrap would be exciting," said Nilsson Bergström, but she continued "it wouldn't surprise me if someone got an idea for a cinnamon wrap or a cinnamon pizza. But I don't think it beats the traditional bun."

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