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Jamshaid and Nasir Gill receive their award from the King. Photo.Jonas Ekströmmer/TT

Pakistani wins award for migrant entrepreneurship in Sweden

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Every fifth company that launches in Sweden is started by a person with a foreign background. Immigrants are much more likely to start their own businesses compared to native Swedes, according to IFS, a foundation which presented its Settler Award, Tuesday, to acknowledge the achievements of foreign-born business owners.

Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf gave out the prize for the 2015 Nybyggare (Settler Award) to Jamshaid Gill of Pakistan, who along with his brother Nasir, has developed a green, composite alternative to natural wood for the building trade. The prize is given out annually to a person with a foreign background, who lives in Sweden, and has in a short period of time, and with small resources, started a company.

"This has been a dream to build this company. I have energy in my heart now to work towards new goals," Jamshaid Gill tells Radio Sweden.

The second prize category is The Year's Pioneer, which is awarded to a person who has lived in Sweden for a longer period and has continued to develop and grow their company, which stands for innovative thinking in its sector.

Two Iranian brothers, Behrang and Behrooz Gilanpour, who came to Sweden with their mother as children in 1987, took the prize for their work developing an ozone generator, which cleans air and water.

Several Swedish organisations, authorities and companies are supporting entrepreneurs with immigrant backgrounds. IFS is an organisation which promotes migrant entrepreneurs, and is responsible for the annual award.

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